Friday, June 1, 2012

Colbie Caillat Swarmed By Bugs, Runs For Cover During Live Performance

Colbie Caillat, best known for her hit single "Bubbly," was performing that very song in Pittsburgh this week when she asked the crowd to join in.

They obliged. A crowd of insects took a strong interest in her, as well.

Around the halfway point (2:00 below), bugs swarmed Caillat to the point where they interrupted the song, forcing the beautiful singer to run for cover.

Gamely, she returned and had the crowd help her finish the tune:

"My goodness. I am traumatized from the bazillion bugs that were literally raining on me from the sky while singing on stage," she wrote afterward.

Caillat, who's touring with Gavin DeGraw, may be a girly girl, but she's a good sport. One who will advocate for indoor venues from now on.


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