Monday, May 28, 2012

Timothy Busfield Sexual Assault Case Under Review

Timothy Busfield's movie date gone awry resulted in a complaint by a woman who said he groped her, and is now going to the L.A. City Attorney.

That office will determine whether to charge the actor, best known for The West Wing, thirtysomething and Revenge of the Nerds, with a crime.

A woman accused Busfield of groping her during a date at a Thousand Oaks movie theater. She went to the police, who have been investigating.

Timothy Busfield Pic

Detectives want to interview Busfield about what happened that night, after which they will send the case file over to the L.A. City Attorney.

Busfield doesn't have to oblige, but either way the case is going to prosecutors.

The good news for Busfield is that the case won't be referred to the L.A. County D.A., who could file felony charges with prison on the line.

The City Attorney can only file misdemeanor charges, and the maximum penalty, which he'd almost certainly not get, is six months in jail.



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