Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tenacious D 'Rescuing' Rock With Rize Of The Fenix

'Elvis and the Beatles, these are people that, when they played rock, kids would come running and screaming,' Jack Black tells MTV News.
By Kevin P. Sullivan

Jack Black
Photo: MTV News

Tenacious D have been accused of being a lot of things: rock gods, sex symbols, modern-day renaissance men. But when MTV News spoke with lead singer Jack Black this week, he said he's only concerned with being one thing: the savior of rock and roll.

Black opened up during the press tour for his upcoming film "Bernie" about what he hopes to accomplish with Tenacious D's third album, Rize of the Fenix. Black's explanation of his goals is as simple as it is profound.

"Nothing short of the rescue and resuscitation of a dead art from," he said.

As the passion continued to fill Black's eyes, he expanded on his answer: "I mean, we are saving rock. We are rescuing it."

Black explained that something has happened to rock. All the power that came with acts like Elvis Presley and the Beatles has been drained from the music. It's Black's goal with this forthcoming album to bring back the mania.

"When you think about rock at its peak, really rock's peak was right out of the gate. Right at the beginning of rock, when you think about Elvis and the Beatles, these are people that, when they played rock, kids would come running and screaming and tearing. There was a movement," Black said. "They were changing the world. Now, there's no one running and screaming anymore. Let's be honest. It's more of a 'Oh, yay, they're playing. Let's lightly jog over there. Let's not touch them. Let's be polite.' "

The rocker said he saw the art he loves weakened, but he intends to fix that. "What's happened? I guess it just got old. What's going to happen? The fenix must rize."

Tenacious D's "Rize of the Fenix" drops May 15.

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