Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dr. Conrad Murray Defense Rests: Does the Doc Have ANY Prayer?

The Dr. Conrad Murray involuntary manslaughter trial is just about over.

The defense has rested its case - or what little it seemingly had - and is now gearing up for closing arguments, which are scheduled to begin Thursday morning.

According to reports, the defense won't be submitting any new evidence, so if they haven't needled the jury with reasonable doubt yet ... it will take a miracle.

Bad ConradThe Late King of Pop

Murray faces up to four years if convicted in the death of Michael Jackson.

After closing arguments, the jury will begin to deliberate immediately, and it seems likely they'll reach a verdict by Friday, assuming closing arguments don't drag on.

The prosecution rested its case over a week ago, and while you can't rule anything out as far as what juries will conclude, their case felt awfully close to air tight.

The D.A. hammered him over his medical decision making, and put a pretty strong damper on the notion that Michael Jackson killed himself, as Murray claims.

Murray's star witness was also held in contempt today.

What do you think? Dr. Conrad Murray ...


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