Monday, October 24, 2011

Beyonce Rep: Fake Baby-Bump Rumors Are "Ridiculous"

Beyonce Rep: Fake Baby-Bump Rumors Are "Ridiculous"

Is a pregnant Beyonce wearing a fake belly during press ops? That's the bizarre rumor that began spreading this week, after the singer's baby bump appeared to collapse for a moment on an Australian talk show. The 30-year-old star's rep tells ABC News in no uncertain terms that the rumor is "stupid, ridiculous and false." Watch the footage that created the controversy, below.

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So perhaps the obvious question is: Why in the world would Beyonce (or anyone, for that matter) wear a prosthetic baby bump? The most popular conspiracy theory is that she's faking the pregnancy, and is secretly having a baby via surrogate. (Nevermind that plenty of A-list female stars -- recently, Sarah Jessica Parker and Nicole Kidman -- have had babies via surrogate with zero backlash.) Some have also suggested that she's padding her bump to appear more pregnant, or perhaps to give a smoother pregnant silhouette.

Ridiculous? Sure. But who can resist a conspiracy theory? In truth, the odd fold in her midsection could easy be caused by her outfit -- perhaps a fold in her dress or undergarments, or a pair of pantyhose or Spanx rolling down as she sat.

Oddly enough, the "fake baby bump" rumors started immediately after Beyonce's MTV pregnancy announcement, with MediaTakeOut claiming that she padded her belly for a more dramatic reveal.

We suspect that the craziness is just a side effect of the media circus surrounding Beyonce and husband Jay-Z's long-awaited baby. After all, the last time we can remember this many "fake bump" rumors around a celebrity, it was another super-high-profile couple: Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. And Suri looks real enough to us!

Beyonce announced on Sunday that the baby is due in February.



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